Research Highlights & Media Coverage

  1. High-energy neutrinos may come from black holes ripping apart stars (May 2022).
  2. Secret Ingredient Found to Power Supernovas (Jan. 2021).
  3. Astronomiens tredje øje (Aug. 2019, in Danish).
  4. Comienza la caza de partículas fantasma para detectar las supernovas invisibles (Mar. 2019, in Spanish).
  5. Forskning i universets spøgelses-partikler skal give ny forståelse af supernovaer og solsystemets opståen (Jan. 2019, in Danish).
  6. Possible explanation for excess of electron neutrinos detected by IceCube Neutrino Observatory (Oct. 2018).
  7. Vers une desintegration des neutrinos mu et tau? (Sept. 2018, in French).
  8. Stor Langsom Stjerne (July 2017, in Danish).
  9. A new neutrino-emission asymmetry in forming neutron stars (Oct. 2014).